Double PEM fuel cell for hydrogen/ oxygen operation and hydrogen/ air operation, DB

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Function and Applications

Demonstration Electronic Building Block with doublePEM fuel cell for O2/H2 operation and Air/H2 operation. To perform demonstration experiments in the field of hydrogen technology, for example conversion of hydrogen to electrical energy and its use.


  • Easy and comprehensive experimentation due to compatibility to other devices in the field of renewable energy.
  • With air/H2 operation for a more realistic application of h-technology, for example in cars or power supplies.
  • 100% reliable contacts due to interlocking building blocks and gold plated contacts even under humid climate conditions.
  •  Integrated electrical devices are visible from the side.
  • With magnetic pad for vertical setups

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Double PEM fuel cell H2/O2
  • Double PEM fuel cell H2/air
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 56 x 42 x 50
  • Imprinted polarity indication
  • Gold coated side contacts
  • Magnetic pad for vertical setup


Gas storage DB (09489-00), Electrolyser, SB (09488-00)

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