PHYWE LF amplifier, 220 V

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Function and  Applications

For amplifying direct and alternating voltage up to 100 kHz. Can be used for induction experiments and for examining acoustic and electromagnetic fields. Signal output for the amplified measured signal.


  • Effective value output for display of the effective value of the signal output voltage.
  • Power amplifier 12.5 W for weak acoustic frequency signals to control low resistance loudspeakers.
  • For signals from frequency generators or computer interfaces.
  • Amplification is continuously adjustable.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Amplification factor: 0.1...10000, continuously adjustable
  • Input impedance: 50 kOhm/ AC, 100 kOhm/ D
  • Input voltage: -10 V...+10 V
  • Frequency range: 3.5 Hz....200 kHz,
  • Accuracy of amplification factor: < 5% amplification factor
  • Output voltage: 10 Veff
  • Nominal final res.: 8 Ohm signal output, 1 kOhm RMS output
  • Load capacity: Permanently short-circuit proof
  • Mains supply 230 V AC/ 50...60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 230 x 236 x 168 mm



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