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3D-Drucker Ultimaker 2+

3D-Drucker Ultimaker 2+

Item no.: ULT-2PLUS

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Function and Application

The Ultimaker 3D Printer is the ideal solution for use in schools and colleges, but also in industrial applications such as product development. The Ultimaker 2+ is exceptionally powerful, reliable, efficient and easy to use. With the support of a wide range of print materials (such as PLA, ABS, CPE, CPE +, PC, Nylon, TPU 95A), the 3D printer is suitable for a wide range of applications, from training to prototyping to tailor-made prints. The Ultimaker 2+ is therefore a great all-around 3D printer that offers consistent results. Despite all these versatility, you do not need to be an expert to understand and use this printer.



  •  Large installation space: 223 x 223 x 205 mm
  • Heatable printing platform 
  •  Best print quality - resolution up to 0.02 mm layer thickness
  • High printing speed - up to 300 mm / s
  • Replaceable Nozzles: The Ultimaker 2+ has been equipped with the so-called Olsson Block. This allows you to choose between four different diameters: 0.25 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm. In this way, you can react very flexibly to the requirement of the component to be printed. For a detailed model you can use the 0.25 mm Nozzle. In a rough prototype, the 0.8 mm nozzle may be the right choice


Equipment and Technical Data

  • Technology FDM
  • Filament diameter 2.85 mm
  • Printhead Single Extruder
  • Nozzle diameter 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm 
  •  Printing platform: heated
  • Supported material: all common filaments
  • Connection options SD card
  •  File format STL, OBJ, DAE
  • Display: LCD
  • Weight 11.3 kg

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