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Agriculture (Parasitic Fungi), 20 microscope slides

Agriculture (Parasitic Fungi), 20 microscope slides

Item no.: LIE-7500

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Function and Applications

7500 Agriculture (Parasitic Fungi) - 20 Microscope Slides - 1. Plasmodiophora brassicae, clubroot, host cells with spores - 2. Synchytrium endobioticum, potato black scab, infected tissue - 3. Plasmopara viticola, downy mildew of grapes, infected leaf - 4. Peronospora parasitica, downy mildew of crucifers, conidia - 5. Albugo candida (Cystopus), white rust of crucifers, conidia and sexual stages on Capsella t.s. - 6. Rhizopus or Mucor, mold, mycelium and sporangia w.m. - 7. Exoascus pruni (Taphrina), plum pockets, sec. with asci - 8. Erysiphe pannosa, rose mildew, infected leaf with conidia t.s. - 9. Uncinula necator (Oidium Tuckeri), grape mildew, t.s. - 10. Sphaerotheca mors uvae, gooseberry mildew, perithecia t.s. - 11. Claviceps purpurea, ergot, sclerotium t.s. - 12. Sclerotinia fructigena (Monilia), diseased fruit with conidia t.s. - 13. Rhytisma acerinum, black spot of maple, t.s. with sclerotia - 14. Venturia pirinum (Fusicladium), pear scab, t.s. with conidia - 15. Ustilago zeae, corn smut, t.s. of pustule on host tissue - 16. Botrytis allii, grey mold of onions. t.s. - 17. Puccinia graminis, uredinia on wheat leaf cause red rust t.s. - 18. Puccinia graminis, telia on wheat causing black rust t.s. - 19. Puccinia graminis, aecia or pycnidia on barberry leaf t.s. - 20. Gymnosporangium sabinae, pear rust, pycnidia on leaf t.s. -

The microslides are supplied in a slide box.

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