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Butane burner f.cartridge 270+470

Butane burner f.cartridge 270+470

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Function and Applications

Burner for butane cartridge with a heat output of 2,700 KJ / h and a flame temperature of 1100 ° C. The gas is adjusted via a plug valve with knurled screw and the air is supplied through a revolving metal sleeve, which is detectable.


  • Easy-to-use burner that can be operated independently of a fixed gas supply.

Equipment and technical data

  • Overall height with CV270 cartridge: 180 mm
  • Overall height with CV470 cartridge: 235 mm
  • Supplied without butane cartridge 


  • CV270 butane cartridge with valve and 230 g of butane filling
  • CV470 butane cartridge with valve and 450 g of butane filling
  • Suitable tripod (burner with CV270 cartridge): Tripod, h = 210 mm (33297-00)
  • Suitable tripod (burner with CV470 cartridge): Tripod, h = 250 mm (33298-00)

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