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  • curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence
  • curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence
  • curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence
  • curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence
  • curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence
  • curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence
curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence

curricuLAB ActivityManager, site licence

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Function and Applications

Online software containing all PHYWE experiment guides for natural science teaching: physics, chemistry and biology. With curricuLAB ActivityManager you are always up to date and don't ever have to search again for experiments in numerous printed experiment guide books. More than 1000 experiment guides for student and teacher demonstration experiments already included, number constantly growing.


  • Online platform - access to your data no matter where you are
  • Experiment guides for all PHYWE experiments in ONE platform
  • Print, edit or create experiments and worksheets
  • Teacher solution to worksheets included
  • Search function: find content quickly and conveniently
  • Experiments on all curriculum topics
  • Import and export of experiments to exchange content with your colleagues

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Items delivered: Login-Codes for 25 teachers
  • Online-platform. Recommended internet connection bandwidth: min. 16Mbit/s
  • Recommended internet browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
  • Contains experiment guides for > 1000 experiments
Experiment Item no.
Student set Electric motor / Generator, TESS advanced Physics 15221-88
Student set Magnetism, TESS advanced Physics 15230-88
Student set Electrostatics, TESS advanced Physics 15240-88
Student set Equipotential lines and electric fields, TESS advanced Physics 15250-88
TESS advanced Physics set Radioactivity 15261-88
Student set Electricity / Electronics 2 with Building Blocks, Electromagnetism and Induction, TESS advanced Physics 15266-88
Student set Electricity/Electronics 3 with Building Blocks, Electronics, TESS advanced Physics 15267-88
Student set Mechanics 1, TESS advanced Physics 15271-88
Student set Mechanics 2, TESS advanced Physics 15272-88
Student set Heat 1, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88
Student set Heat 2, TESS advanced Physics 15275-88
Student set Optics 1 including light box, TESS advanced Physics 15276-88
Student set Optics 2, TESS advanced Physics 15277-88
Student set Optics 3, Wave optics, TESS advanced Physics 15280-88
Student set Linear motion with Timer 2-1, Dynamics, TESS advanced Physics 15283-88
Stutent set Linear motion with Cobra4 Mobile-Link (Dynamics), TESS advanced Physics 15284-88
Student set Renewable energy 3, Fuel cells, TESS advanced Applied Sciences 15286-88
Student set Renewable energy 1, Basics and thermal energy, TESS advanced Applied Sciences 15287-88
Student set Renewable energy 2, Solar / Water / Wind, TESS advanced Applied Sciences 15288-88
Student set Acoustics 1, TESS advanced Physics 15289-88
Student set Microscopy, TESS advanced Biology 15290-88
Student set General biology, TESS advanced Biology 15296-88
Student set General Chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15300-88
Student set Inorganic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15301-88
Student set Organic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15304-88
Student set Chemistry of polymers, TESS advanced Chemistry 15305-88
Student set Food chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15306-88
Student set Acoustics 2, TESS advanced Physics 15321-88
Student set Optics / Atomic physics, TESS advanced Physics 15350-88
DEMO advanced Physics Set Mechanics 1 15510-88
DEMO advanced Physics Supplementary Set Mechanics 2 15511-88
DEMO advanced Physics Set Optics, incl. halogen lamp with magnetic base 15550-88
Newton's 2nd law/ demonstration track with Cobra4 P2130360
Free fall with Cobra4 P2130760
Coupled pendula with Cobra4 (advanced version) P2132560
Harmonic oscillations of spiral springs - linked in parallel and in series with Cobra4 P2132660
Measurement of the speed of sound in air with Cobra4 P2153060
Photometric law of distance with Cobra4 - inverse square law P2240260
Heat capacity of metals with Cobra4 P2330160
Characteristic curves of semiconductors with Cobra4 P2410960
Ferromagnetic hysteresis with Cobra4 P2430760
Determination of the enthalpy of vaporisation of liquids with Cobra4 P3020461
Determination of the enthalpy of neutralisation with Cobra4 P3020861
Boiling point elevation - Raoult's law with Cobra4 P3021060
Hess's law with Cobra4 P3021661
Solubility product with Cobra4 P3030862
Dissociation equilibrium with Cobra4 P3030960
Fractional distillation with the bubble tray column with Cobra4 P3031660
Chromatographic separation processes: Gas chromatography with Cobra4 P3031760
Conductivity of strong and weak electrolytes with Cobra4 P3060660
Conductivity titration with Cobra4 P3060760
Nernst equation with Cobra4 P3060962
Titration curves and buffering capacity with Cobra4 P3061660
Electrode kinetics: The hydrogen overpotential of metals with Cobra4 P3061861
Redox Volumetric Titration: Cerimetry with Cobra4 P3121060
Photosynthesis (measurement of oxygen pressure) with Cobra4 P4110260
Transpiration of leaves with Cobra4 P4110360
Glycolysis (temperature measurement) with Cobra4 P4110560
The importance of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and cellular respiration with Cobra4 P4110660
Determination of the isoelectric point of various amino acids with Cobra4 P4120160
Ionic permeability of the cell membrane with Cobra4 P4120260
Determination of the Michaelis constant with Cobra4 P4120360
Substrate inhibition of enzymes with Cobra4 P4120460
Enzyme inhibition (poisoning of enzymes) with Cobra4 P4120560
Resonance frequencies of Helmholtz resonators with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2150864
Characteristic curves of semiconductors with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2410964
Charging curve of a capacitor and switch-on behaviour of an inductance with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2420264
RLC circuit with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2440664
High-pass and low-pass filters with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2440964
The nerve cell with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P4010764
Nerve cell interactions with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P4010864
Neural networks with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P4010964
Student set Titration and analytical chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15303-88
TESS advanced set Analytical Chemistry with Cobra4 Mobile-Link, ACH 2 15303-77
Student set Acids, Bases, Salts, TESS advanced Chemistry 15302-88
Student set Electricity / Electronics 1 with Building Blocks, TESS advanced Physics 15264-88
DEMO advanced Physics Electricity/Electronics Building Block System, basic set Electricity 15569-88

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