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Student set Optics / Atomic physics, TESS advanced Physics

Item No. 15350-88 | Type: Sets

grades 7-10 , grades 10-13
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Function and Applications
Equipmentc set allowing the performance of 16 experiments about the following topics:

  • Spectroscopic analysis (2 Experiments)
  • Diffraction on a grating (1 Experiment)
  • Diffratction on everyday life's objects (2 Experiments)
  • Absorption and fluorescence (3 Experiments)
  • h-Determination with light emitting diodes (1 Experiment)
  • Bandgap of semiconductors (1 Experiment)
  • Investigation of solar cells and fotodiodes (2 Experiments)
  • Electric and optical properties of LED (2 Experiments)
  • Polarisation of light (2 Experiments)


  • Complete equipment set: simple execution of the Experiments
  • The equipment is stored in a rugged, stackable and compact box, allowing quick control of completeness (foam insert)
  • Experimenting literature for pupils and teachers available: minimal preparation time
  • Matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered
  • Through the use of a stable optical bench made of metal safe and exact experimental setups
  • Simple teaching and efficient learning thanks to the digital experiment descriptions included as a QR code

Equipment and Technical Data

  • The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the Experiments
  • Robust, stackable storage box with a foam insert fitting to the contained equipment


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