Top head of column with high-efficiency condenser, without s ilvering

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Function and Applications

This column head with integrated high-effenciency condensor serves for the adjustment of the reflux ratio of distillation columns, i.e. the separation of the arising condensate in reflux and drain, manual operated.


  • It is suitably for operations under normal pressure.
  • When the valve which is located in the drain tube is fully opened, the separator is adjusted for total distillation drain.
  • The reflux ratio can be changed in finitely variable up to total reflux by turning the valve.
  • For introduction of thermometers or temperature sensors with an outer diameter of 8 mm the column head has a connection with thread GL 18.
  • The outflow for the distillate at the valve has a diameter of 12 mm.
  • The column haed is delivered with an evacuated not coated insulating jacket.
  • It has a non-jacketed basic ground jointcone NS 29.
  • Through the renunciation of a silvering this apparatus is especially well suitable for training purposes.
  • The full insight into the column haed during the process allows an especially ostentatious representation of the destillation separations.
  • The high-effenciency condensor is connected with the column head firmly and has a non-jacketed head ground jointsocket NS 29 at the upper end.
  • The condensor has 2 plastic hose couplings (Ø 8 mm) for the connection of the cooling water tubes.

Equipment and technical data:

  • Outer diameter: 75 mm (insulat. jacket)
  • Inner diameter: 40 mm (column head)
  • Overall heigh (outside): appr. 55 cm
  • Overall width (outside): appr. 25 cm
  • Jacket length (condensor): appr. 20 cm
  • Made of DURAN® glass.