Blower, 12V

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Pupils , Teachers/Professors
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Function and Applications

Blower to generate a variable air flow to perform demonstration experiments as well as student experiments in the field of energy conversion from wind power.


  • Variable air flow to simulate different wind conditions
  • Easy experimentatio due to mounting rod for optical bench or supporting material
  • Safe experimentation due to protective screen against mechanical contact
  • Standard 4mm sockets for electrical connection

Equipment and technical data

  • max. operating voltage 12V
  • max. electrical power 12.5W
  • max. air flow 204 m^3/h
  • max. sound volume 58dB
  • connecting via 4mm sockets
  • case LxWxH: 50mm x 90mm x 110mm
  • rod length 90mm


Generator with 4mm axis (05751.00)

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