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Speed of Light Meter

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Function and ApplicationsWith the Speed of Light Meter you canmeasure the velocity of light in air andin other transparent media andadditionally you can determine thedistance.BenefitsMeasuring the speed of light, as well asdistances, with only one device allthanks to state-of-the-art digitalmeasuring technologyThe unit is convincing by a quick set-upand a need of minimum adjustment.The speed of light can be measured withan accuracy in air of +/- 2%.Measurements can be performed with orwithout an oscilloscopeDue to the integrated display of all ofthe relevant measurement quantities theunit is of special interest for studentand teacher experiments.Distance measurements can be performedwith the same deviceTechnical data and featuresModulation frequency 50.0 MHz(quartz stabilised)Protective class Laser Class 2acc. to DIN EN 60825-1Digital display 3-digit LEDDigit height 20 mmOperating voltage 12 VDCPower consumption 5 WHousing dimensions (mm) 206 x 130 x 160Weight approx. 2 kgNecessary Accessories12151.99 Power supply 12VDC/2,25A11226.01 Retro-reflector with rod09822.00 Slide mount for optical benchRecommended Accessories11226.02 Optical bench l = 1800 mm forspeed of light measurements11226.03 Holder for speed of light meter09822.00 Slide mount f. optical bench(2)11226.04 Acrylic glass cylinder withholder11226.05 Tubular cell with holder

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