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PHYWE Narrow beam tube

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Function and Applications

In conjunction with the Helmholtz coil pair to specific destination charge e/m of the electron.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Glass sphere with two glass tubes covered with plastic caps for fixing in Helmholtz-coils
  • Gas filled neon
  • Fluorescent distance markers for parallax-free determination of the diameter of the narrow beam

  • Plastic end caps for mounting and 4 mm connection sockets with wiring diagram

  • Heater 6.3V/0.5A

  • Anode/cathode voltage. 150V/-50V

  • Piston diameter 170 mm

  • Overall length 470mm

  • Pressure 0,004 mbar
  • Total length 47 cm.

Necessary accessories:

  • Helmholtz coils 06900-00
  • Power supply, 0...600VDC 13672-93
  • Power supply, universal 13500-93

Necessary accessories

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