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Perfect for measuring.

Whether mathematical pendulum, Archimedes' principle, Hooke's law or Newton's 3rd law - Cobra SMARTexperiments contain all components and sensors necessary for measurement

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Perfectly equipped for teaching:

Item No. 12971-00

The Archimedes' principle: The static buoyancy of a body in a medium is as great as the weight of the medium displaced by the body.

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Item No. 12973-00

The 3rd Newtonian Axiom: A force from body A on body B is always accompanied by a force from body B on body A of the same magnitude but in the opposite direction.

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Item No. 12972-00

The mathematical pendulum: The oscillation period of the harmonic oscillation depends on the length of the pendulum but not on the attached mass.

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Item No. 12970-00

Hooke's law: The elastic deformation is proportional to the load applied.

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