Water analysis excursion case with filter photometer

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Function and Applications

This excursion case enables students to actively participate in the measurement of water parameters in your immediate neighbourhood. Rapid chemical analyses provide meaningful results in a very short time. The colourimetric tests can be reproducibly and exactly evaluated by using the portable filter photometer.


  • Compact water laboratory for mobile use with photometer, reagents and accessories in a new robust case with a premium foamed plastic insert.
  • Increased accuracy and reproducibility by photometric evaluation of colourimetric tests.
  • Economic refill packs with up to 200 determinations per parameter.
  • Turbidity measurement included.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Reagent case
  • Photometer PF-12 incl. manual and 4 batteries with filters for the following wave lengths: 345 / 436 / 470 / 540 / 585 / 620 / 690 nm / turbidity (860 nm)
  • Test kits: Ammonium, iron, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, pH , carbonate hardness and total hardness
  • Manual with test instructions for test kits
  • 4 empty tubes, 1 funnel, 1 beaker 25 ml, 1 syringe 5 ml, 1 syringe 1 ml, 1 thermometer, 2 titration syringes with dropping tips, 2 titration test tubes



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