Spectroscopy and manipulation upgrade,for compact atomic force microscope

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Function and Applications

Software package to extend the operating modes of the compact atomic force microscope (09700-99) with Advanced Spectroscopy, Lithography (scratching, oxidation), Manipulation (oxidation, cutting and moving/pushing of nanoparticles)) and User expandability (Scripting via visual basic, LabView, etc.). Incl. Set of samples and cantilevers.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Software package / Activation key for:
  • Current-distance spectroscopy
  • Advanced Spectroscopy (e.g. spectroscopy curves; max. 1024 points, Stop by end value, fwd. and bwd. pause)
  • Lithography (pattern writing (scratching, oxidation, …) with vector and bitmap graphics)
  • Manipulation (Oxidation, cutting of nanoparticles, moving/pushing of nanoparticles)
  • User expandability (scripting) AFM can be controlled by e.g. Visual Basic, Lab View, etc.
  • Set of 2 Samples:
  • Sample for Scratching - CD-ROM Piece
  • Sample for Manipulation - Glass beads (incl. Silica Colloid)
  • Set of 8 Cantilever:
  • 4 x 190TapAl G (Dynamic Force Mode) for Spectroscopy and Manipulation
  • 4 x CONTR (Static Force Mode) for Lithography and Manipualtion
  • Instruction for preparation and imaging of glass beads
  • For an instruction in Lithography, Manipulation and Scripting please refer to the AFM manual (print-out as part of the device and linked in the measure nano software package (help panel)) and the additional manual linked in the measure nano software package (help panel).

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