Student experiments The Mendelian Rules of Heredity - Mendel in a Box

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Function and Applications

Teach genetics more clearly and understandably with real plants! With Mendel in a Box, grow plants together in the classroom that have been previously bred and crossbred to perfectly mimic Mendelian inheritance rules. Observe the growth of the plants together in the classroom and analyse the segregation of the phenotypes together. In Mendel in a Box, all three of Mendel's rules are covered.

The experiments last approx. 6-12 weeks, depending on the season and sunlight. One box corresponds to one class set of material.

Equipment and Technical Data

Scope of delivery:

  • The box contains seeds of the goose grass (Arabidopsis thaliana) including two mutant lines, which each have a flower and a leaf phenotype. In total, the box contains:
  • Practical storage box
  • Seeds, pre-crossed for all three Mendelian rules incl. parentals
  • 2 indoor greenhouses
  • 30 pots
  • 30 labels
  • Toothpicks for sowing
  • Instructions for students and teachers

Dimensions (H x W x D): 50 x 30 x 30 cm

Weight: 1000 g


Concepts taught:

  • The three Mendelian rules of inheritance.
  • Growth of dicotyledonous plants
  • Flower structure of angiosperms
  • Mutation and breeding


A plant lamp for additional lighting is not included in the scope of delivery! It is strongly recommended to set up additional lighting, especially if the experiments are carried out outside the summer months or in poor natural lighting.The photosynthesis lamp with item number 65750-99 is recommended.


Also required: approx. 8 litres of potting soil



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