PHYWE Prepared microscopic slides in storage box, 50 slides

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Function and Applications

50 microscopic slides, in box.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • 16 zoological microslides: paramecium, euglena, daphnia, hydra with bud, hydra, sponge spicule, fish blood, flatworm (plathelminthes), cross-section of earthworm, roundworm (nematode), hind leg of honey bee, mounth parts of honey bee, insect mouth parts, female drosophila, one-cell stage of frog egg, cycloid scale
  • 8 microslides of simple plants: sphagnum leaf, chlamydomonas, volvox, spirogyra, spirulina, fern leaf, fern prothallus, fern spores
  • 15 microslides of flowering plants: pine pollen, pollen germination, cross-sections of monocot and dicot roots, cross-section of sunflower stem, cross-section of maize stem, cross-section of tilia stem, longitudinal section of cucurbit stem, cross-section of sunflower leaf, cross-section of maize leaf, cross-section of pine leaf, onion leaf epidermis, lower epidermis of broad bean leaf, cross-section of lily anther, lily ovary, longitudinal section of onion root tip
  • 11 histological microslides: human blood smear, hyaline cartilage, skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, human sperm smear, spinal cord, testis cross-section, artery and vein cross-section, lung cross-section, intestine, stomach