Handbuch Schüler- und Demonstrationsversuche Licht, Luft, Erde, TESS und DEMO beginner Naturwissenschaften, (in german)

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Pupils , Teachers/Professors
grades 5-7
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Detailed handbook for student and demonstration experiments TESS beginner and DEMO beginner. Contains all experiments of the student handbooks and the complementary demonstration experiments, as well as additional hints for the teacher. In color, DIN A5 ring binder.
18 student experiments and 5 demonstration experiments are described:

Student experiments:

  • Light and shade
  • Shadow patterns
  • Mirrored shadow
  • Mirror games
  • The spoon mirror
  • The bent coin
  • A magnifying glass made of water
  • The magic wand
  • Balloon in the beaker
  • The trick with the postcard
  • Warm and cold air
  • Fresh and used air
  • The thirsty candle
  • A little bit of gardening
  • Just dirt?
  • Air in soil
  • Fast forward
  • Underground forces

Demonstration experiments:

  • Day and night - light and shade
  • Things to do with a magnifying glass
  • Air is not nothing
  • Air pollution
  • Determination of soil horizons

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