10% Dinonylphtalat on Chromosorb, PAW, 80/100 Mesh, 25 g

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Function and Application

Specially developed loaded release agent (based on Chromosorb P80) for gas chromatography for the separation of organic substances (application in the PHYWE gas chromatograph, for example). In contrast to conventional release agents (Chromosorb), the PHYWE Chromosorb is already loaded with dinoyl phthalate (as the active phase) and can therefore be used in a gas separation column without further pretreatment. In contrast to conventionally available carrier materials and release agents (eg Porapak P for the separation of alcohols or 10% OV101 for the separation of volatile organic substances) offers Dinonylphtalat as a release agent a way to "ready" separation of organic substances (not just a certain class of substances such as alcohols).



  •  Ready-to-use release agent for gas chromatography
  • Release agents specially treated for gas chromatogrophy


Equipment and Technical Data

  • PAW, 80/100 mesh
  • 10% dinonyl phthalate
  • Content: 25 g
  • Labeling according to GHS Pinktograms: GHS07, GHS08
  • Signal word Danger


Hazard class and hazard category

  • Eye irritation, category 2
  • Specific target organ toxicity - single exposure, category 3
  •  Specific Target Organ Toxicity - Repeated Exposure, Inhalation, Category 2

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