High pressure Hg Lamp, 50 W

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Function and Applications

It can be universally used for optics experiments and for projections. When used in connection with interference filters, an intensive monochromatic light source is available, e. g. for determining Planck's quantum of action and coherence lengths.


  • The experiment light is fitted with a mercury vapour extra-high pressure lamp and serves as a light source with an extremely high intensity and light density.
  • Due to the quartz glass bulb of the lamp and the quartz glass safety lens at the light aperture tube of the lamp, the light provides a high proportion of UV.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Metal casing with rear adjustment knobs for the height and lateral orientation of the lamp
  • Aperture tube (with quartz glass safety lens) for positioning on the condensers.
  • Two micro switches make the accessible leads to the lamp dipolar free of voltage on opening the casing.
  • Casing with 10-mm round upright and fixed connection cable with 4-pin special jack for connection to the ballast
  • Lamp starting voltage230 V
  • lamp operating voltage (42±4) V
  • lamp current/ output 1.3 A/50 W
  • luminous flux 2000 Im
  • luminous intensity 230 cd
  • light density 30000 cd/cm2
  • arc length 1 mm
  • casing (mm) 134×118×151
  • suitable power supply: 13661-97

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