XR 4.0 Software measure CT

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Function and Applications

Software package of the "measure" series for controlling the digital X-ray sensor XRIS and the X-ray unit XR 4.0. The data can be exported in all of the established formats and then evaluated with the aid of professional software. This ensures a smooth transition from training to professional application.


Plug & measure:

  • The intuitive user concept considerably simplifies the operation of the complex devices and puts the experiment into the focus of attention.
  • Automatic identification of the connected devices of the XR 4.0 series. Working directly without the need for specialist knowledge.

Double Control:

  • Simultaneous operation of the XR 4.0 X-ray unit via manual control or via a computer.

Reference experiments:

  • The comprehensive collection of reference experiments and projects simplifies the selection of suitable experiments and can be used as a template for own experiment scripts/laboratory handbooks.

Clear structure:

  • The software is clearly divided into the 4 basic steps: "Parameters", "CT scan", "Reconstruction", and "3D view". As a result, even beginners can easily familiarise themselves with the topic.
  • Visualisation of the devices:
    In the first steps, numerous parameters must be set, e.g. the anode current and voltage. In order to facilitate these steps, the corresponding devices are displayed as virtual devices.

CT scan with live reconstruction:

  • Sectional images are reconstructed during the scanning process. While at the beginning of the measurement hardly anything can be discerned, the contours become increasingly clear over time.
    Reconstruction as an independent step:
  • Reconstruction is the most important process step in computed tomography. Again, numerous parameters play an important role during this step. They can be changed in their own screen and their effect can be observed directly in an example image.

x,y,z-viewer and 3D view

  • This area shows the results of the reconstruction process. The data can now be evaluated with professional software that the students will encounter in their future daily work. The data can be exported in all of the established formats.


German, English, Danish


System requirements
Intel Core i5

Windows 10 (64 bit)

USB 2.0 / 3.0


(en) Operating instructions
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