Storage container with rollers for TESS sets, for 18 trayswith 15 cm height

Item No. 15211-00 | Type: Equipment & Accessories

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Content 1 piece

Function and Applications

Mobile storage container with rollers for up to 18 TESS boxes (tall form, h = 15 cm) or up to 36 TESS boxes (short form, h = 7,5 cm).


  • Easy, space-saving and open storage
  • Mobile due to rollers, can be transported easily to other classrooms

Equipment and technical data

  • Robust design
  • Three sections with each 12 pairs of railings to store TESS sets
  • Two side handles for comfortable transport
  • Four wheels with rotation, two of them with brakes
  • Dimensions (B x H x T) = 104 cm x 127 cm x 48 cm