Handbuch Schüler- und Lehrerversuche Wärme, TESS beginner Naturwissenschaften, (in german)

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grades 5-7
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Detailed handbook for student and demonstration experiments TESS beginner and DEMO beginner. Contains all experiments of the student handbooks and the complementary demonstration experiments, as well as additional hints for the teacher. In color, DIN A4 ring binder.
13 student experiments and 5 demonstration experiments are described.

Student experiments:

  • Temperature sense of the skin
  • Thermal expansion of air and water
  • Thermal expansion of air and spirit
  • Calibration of a thermometer
  • Temperature measurement
  • Temperature of mixtures
  • Heat insulation by wool
  • Heat insulation by air (feather)
  • Heat insulation by styrofoam
  • Heat of evaporation of water
  • Evaporation of spirit
  • Depression of melting point by salt
  • Ice floats, maximum of density of water at 4°C

Demonstration experiments:

  • Absorption of heat radiation
  • Flow of water due to heat
  • Heat transport in glass and metal
  • Temperatures in different waterdepths
  • Ice floats, maximum of density of water at 4°C