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Student Set The Eye

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Function and Applications 

The basics of the visual process explained simply. Our student experiment set on the subject of "The eye" offers a complete, compact overall solution on the subject of the eye. It makes it possible to linking knowledge about the visual process in the student's own eye and experimental representation with the help of an eye eye function model. It also offers extensive experiments on the subject of "eye diseases" and thus creates a sensitization towards fellow fellow human beings with visual impairments. Digital experiment instructions and supplements round off the set. With this set for pupils, a total of 23 experiments can be carried out in the following topics can be carried out:

  • visual process with the eye function model
  • defective vision with the eye function model eye function model
  • Simulations of eye diseases
  • Phenomenological experiments on your own eye



  • Complete, compact overall solution on the topic of the "eye"
  • Curriculum topic in physics and biology in all 5th to 12th grade curricula - Simple teaching and efficient learning thanks to digital experiment descriptions experiment descriptions
  • extra large eye half-shells enable a clear a clear layout
  • Practically stowed away in a sturdy plastic box included foam insert for a quick check for completeness and safe transportation of the components and safe transport of the components
  • Synthesis of analog and digital and digital content Translated

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