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DEMO advanced Physics Electricity/Electronics Building Block System, basic set Electricity

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grades 5-7 , grades 7-10
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Function and Applications

Equipment set allowing the performance of 30 experiments about the following topics:

  • Electric Circuits (9 experiments)
  • Electrical Resistance (9 experiments)
  • Electric Power and Work (1 experiment)
  • Transformation of Energy (1 experiment)
  • Electrochemistry (6 experiments)
  • Safe Working with Electricity (2 experiments)
  • Sensors (2 experiments)


  • Many experiments for qualitative and quantitative introduction to the topic electricity

  • Knowledge transfer of the elemental behaviour of numerous electrical components

  • Circuit assemblies show their wiring diagram

  • 100-percent compatibility between teacher and student building blocks

  • Rugged magnetically adhesive puzzle-style building blocks with screen-printed electric symbols

  • Building blocks are easy to remove and swap due to their gripper rims

  • Safe electric contact is guaranteed by the use of a unique puzzle block system with corrosion-free gold plated contacts

  • Teaching made easy thanks to the magnetic demonstration board

  • Complete equipment set for quick and easy set-up and performance of the experiments
  • Covers electric circuits, resistance, electric power and work, energy transformation, electrochemistry, sensors, safety issues
  • The equipment is stored in a robust aluminum case with removable lid
  • Foam insert for quick control if set content is complete
  • Compliant with international curricula
  • Easy teaching and efficient learning through the digital experiment descriptions enclosed as QR codes

Equipment and Technical Data

  • The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments

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