Plunger eudiometer

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Function and Applications

The plunger eudiometer consists of aglass cylinder with movable plunger and is used to determine the ratio of volumes in explosive gas reactions.


  • Two 4-mmsockets connect the ignition spark generator.
  • This device can be used to cause gas mixtures to react at room temperature, which lead to gaseous reaction products or in which residual quantities of the reaction gases remain in the cylinder (e.g. mixtures of air and hydrogen, of carbon monoxide and oxygen).
  • The gasmixtures are simply injected into the eudiometer using an injection syringe.
  • The ignition of the gas mixture then occurs easily and safely with the aid of the ignition spark generator.
  • If the plunger eudiometer is assembled in the glass jacket, the ratio of volumes of gas reactions can also be investigated at temperatures other that room temperature, such as the reaction of a stochiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen at above 100°C.

Equipment and technical data

  • With scaling on one side; Scale: 0...20 ml, 1 ml divisions.
  • Totallength: 350 mm
  • Length of the glass cylinder: 205 mm
  • Outer diameter of the glass cylinder: 36 mm
  • Length of the connection tube: 55 mm.
  • Outer diameter of the connection tube: 8 mm

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