Extension Set: Mechanics of Flow

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Function and Applications

With this set the Doppler effect as well as basic flow phenomena can be demonstrated. A flow circuit can be built up, containing various tube diameters and, thus, with different flow velocities. With the Doppler prisms, the relationship between Doppler frequency shifts, the angle of incidence, the transmission frequency and flow velocity can be determined. Within the flow profile, laminar or turbulent flow can be measured. The stand pipes indicate the pressure measured at different points in the circuit. With data of pressure, tube diameter and flow velocity, fundamental laws of laminar flow, like the Bernoulli equation and the Hagen-Poiseuille law, can be studied.


  • Owing to the closed loop cycle, the experiment can be mounted in a standard student lab, i.e. tap water is not required

Equipment and Technical Data

  • 1x Set of prisms and pipes incl. tubes
  • 1x Standpipe

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