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Extension Set: Medical Doppler Sonography

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Function and Applications

A realistic arm model is used to simulate the application of the Doppler effect in medicine. With a Doppler sonography the influence of a stenosis on the flow profile can be investigated. A pump generates different flow types (continuous and pulsatile) and can simulate the human blood circulation. The measured Doppler signals can be presented acoustically as well as in a colour-coded Doppler spectrum. The results and images are similar to measurements of those on patients.


Due to the pump induced flow, different flow conditions can be simulated as well as some pathologies, which not be simulated with real patients.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • 1x Arm dummy
  • Accessories to connect arm dummy to the Basic set Ultrasonic Doppler technique
  • 1 x liquid for sonography (1 l)
  • 1x Doppler probe 2 MHz

This extension set requires the Basic set Ultrasonic Doppler technique (13923-99) and a computer with Windows.

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