Power supply for Braun's tube

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Function and Applications

Externally sweepable function generator with power amplifier for use in student and internship experiments to carry out diverse experiments in vibration theory, alternating current and induction.
With illuminated, digital display for frequency, signal form, offset and other parameters. The output is short-circuit proof and protected against induction voltages and spark discharges; e.g. with connected coils and unintentional disconnection of the experiment cable under load. In the internal sweep mode, one trigger pulse per pass and a voltage proportional to the frequency are output. With fold-out feet. Including plug-in power supply.

Safety transformer according to EN 61558-2-6.
Safe separation between supply network and output circuits.


Equipment and technical data

  • Signals:

    • Frequency range: 0.001 Hz to 100 kHz
    • Waveforms: sine, square, triangle
    • Offset: 0 to ± 5 V, adjustable in 0.1 V steps
  • Output:
    • Output amplitude: 0 to 10 V, continuously adjustable
    • Output power: 10 W permanent
    • Output current: 1 A permanent, 2 A max.
  • Sweep:
    • Sweep modes: external, internal continuous, internal single
    • Frequency range: 1 Hz to 100 kHz
    • stop frequency / start frequency ratio: maximum 1000: 1, e.g. 2 Hz to a maximum of 2 kHz
    • Time range: 0.04 s to 1000 s
    • External sweep: Start by trigger pulse or by applying a control voltage 0 to 5 V.
    • maximum modulation frequency: 200 Hz
    • Internal sweep: Start and stop with the Start / Stop button
    • Output of one trigger pulse per run and a proportional voltage
  • General data:
    • Power supply: 12 VAC, 2 A plug-in power supply
    • Dimensions: 170x105x40 mm³
    • Other: fold-out feet

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