Double PEM fuel cell with air option

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Function and Applications

Double PEM fuel cell for O2/H2 operation and Air/H2 operation.

To perform demonstration experiments in the field of hydrogen technology, for example conversion of hydrogen to electrical energy and its use.

The fuel cell consists of two single cells, which are connected in series.


  • Fuel Cell for supply of small electric loads
  • For use with the corresponding double PEM electrolyser 
  • With air/H2 operation for a more realistic application of h-technology, for example in cars or power supplies.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Double PEM fuel cell H2/O2: 1 W
  • Double PEM fuel cell H2/air: 300 mW
  • Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 56 x 41 x 51
  • Imprinted polarity indication
  • Electrical connection: 2mm sockets


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