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Hydrogen fuel cell car

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Function and Applications

For a clear demonstration of the use of hydrogen energy. The car has a blackly coated plate and is equipped with a reversible PEM fuel cell and two gas tanks for hydrogen and oxygen. Because the components are fixed on magnetic base plates they stick tight on the plate of the car during the experiments. The car has an electrical motor with a gear and a changeover switch for loading and driving operation. Only distilled water is needed for the filling of the gas tanks.

The fuel cell can be loaded with a solar module. All electric connections occur via 2-mm-plugs and/or sockets.


  • possible for driving also outside of the classroom, since for the "loading" of the gas tanks a solar battery is on hand
  • solar module on magnetic base plate which can be set up under 3 different angles
  • usable also on quantitative experiments
  •  manual with detailed experimental instructions and additional information

Equipment and technical data

  • reversible fuel cell:
  • electrolyser mode: 1.16 W
  • gas production: 5 cm³/min H2 and 2,5 cm³/min O2
  • fuel cell mode:
  • H2/O2: 300 mW
  • H2/air: 100 mW
  • gas storage: H2/O2: each 30 cm³
  • solar module: max. 2.0 V / 600 mA
  • dimensions (L x H x W): 260 mm x 100 mm x 115 mm
  • charging time (30 cm³ H2): with solar battery: approx. 9 min
  • driving time: approx. 8 min

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(de) Brennstoffzellen im Unterricht
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(en) Fuel Cell Technology for Classroom Instruction
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