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leXsolar-Wind Ready-to-go 2.0

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Function and Applications

Wind energy has become the most important renewable energy form apart from hydropower. The experiment set makes understanding wind energy easy, covering all topics from basic physics principles of wind energy to its applications. Numerous experiments are possible so that all requirements for a wind energy experiment set can be met, including the calculation of the efficiency of a wind turbine and influence of the rotor blade shape and pitch.


  • Ideal for vocational schools, colleges and engineering degree courses
  • Important renewable energy topic: wind power
  • Connector system for easy and fast assembly
  • Different turbine types
  • All necessary equipment already included
  • Can be used everywhere since all componentes are provided in a transport case

Equipment and Technical Data

In the transport case (dimensions: 64 x 37 x 17 cm) all items to perform the following experiments are provided so that no additional accessories are needed:

  • Influence of the wind speed on a wind turbine
  • Start-up wind speed at a wind turbine
  • Comparison of the start-up wind speed of a Savonius and a three-blade rotor
  • Change the turbine voltage by connecting a consumer
  • Examine the wind speed behind the rotor
  • Energy balance sheet at a wind turbine
  • Calculating the efficiency of a wind turbine
  • Storing electric energy
  • Energy conversion in a wind turbine
  • Examine color wheels using a wind turbine
  • Comparison of a Savonius rotor and a three-blade rotor
  • Comparison of two, three and four-blade rotors
  • Characteristic curves of a wind turbine
  • Influence of the wind direction
  • Influence of the rotor blade pitch
  • Influence of the rotor blade pitch on the start up speed of a wind turbine
  • Influence of the blade shape

The set includes:

  • Anemometer
  • Wind rotores: Savonius rotor, diverse rotor blades with mit adjustable angle
  • Wind machine
  • Different modules with resistor, potentiometer, capacitor, diverse types of loads, motor
  • Digital multimeters
  • Additional accessories
  • Download key for detailed student and teacher guides


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