Basic set optical pumping

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Function and applications

The light from a lasersiode is used to excite neodymium atoms in a Nd:YAG crystal.


  • The power emitted by the laser diode can be measured as a function of the supply current.
  • The fluorescence spectrum of the Nd:YAG crystal is analysed and the main absorption lines of the Nd-Atoms are verified.
  • Finally the half-life of the 4F3/2-level is estimated.
  • With only a small number of additional components it is possible to build a Nd:YAG laser with this system.

Equipment and technical data

  • 1 Flat rail 500 mm with scale
  • 1 Laser diode 450 mW in X-Y adjustment holder on carrier
  • 1 Control electronics LDS 1200
  • 1 Beam shaping optics in holder on carrier
  • 1 Beam Focusing in holder on carrier
  • 1 Nd:YAG crystal in holder adjustable on carrier
  • 1 Filter holder on carrier with filter RG 1000
  • 1 Photo detector in holder on carrier and adjustment target
  • 3 BNC cables
  • 1 IR detector converter screen 800-1200 nm
  • 1 Set for optics cleaning
  • 1 User manual

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