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Air track incl. standard accessory

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Function and Applications

Air track for experiments concerning linear motion under minimization of friciton effects.


  • Minimized friciton effects due to rhombic pattern
  • Rule fitted on both sides
  • 3 adjustable feet
  • Opening for compressed-air tube on the face
  • Accessories are stored in a small suitcase

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Length: 2 m

Includes the following equipment:

  • 2x Cart
  • 2x End holder
  • 4x 50g weight
  • Slotted weights with holder: 1x 10g, 1x 5 g, 1x 2 g, 2x1 g
  • 3x Fork with plug, incl. rubber band
  • 3x Holder with mount and plug
  • 1x Holder with pin and plug
  • 1x Tube with wax and plug
  • 1x Holder with hook and plug
  • 2x Aperture with plug, 25 mm
  • 1x pulley with plug

Necessary accessories

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