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Free-fall tube with PTFE spindle stopcock

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Function and Applications
To verify that all bodies fall with the same velocity in a gravitational field if no interfering forces are present (air ascending force, air resistance).

Equipment and technical data

  • Glass tube with falling bodies
  • PTFE spindle stopcock with olive handle for vacuum tube
  • Falling bodies: lead plate and feather
  • Length: approx. 1000 mm
  • Diameter: 50 mm

Necessary Accessories

  • Rubber tubing, vacuum, i.d. = 8 mm (39288-00)
  • Water jet pump, plastic (02728-00) and Secure bottle as anti reflux protection (34170-01) or diaphragm pump, two stage (08163-93) or Rotary valve vacuum pump (02740-95) or (02741-95)

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