Gyroscope with 3 axes

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Function and Applications

Demonstration and practical set for working up the gyroscope laws. 


The following relationships can be produced:

  • Precession (influence of torque and rotational frequency)
  • Nutation (influence of the speed of the disc on the nutational frequency)
  • Measurement of the moment of inertia of the gyroscope disc from the angular acceleration for a known torque
  • Investigation of the relationship between the duration of a precession rotation and the rotational frequency of the gyroscope disc
  • Investigation of the relationship between the precession frequency and the turning moment exerted on the gyroscope axis for constant rotational frequency of the disc
  • Determination of the relationship between the rotational and nutational frequency of the gyroscope disc
  • Gyroscope disc with double ball bearings, balanced and freely movable via 3 axes, which is wound up by hand with the aid of a thread
  • Mounted on a metal stand
  • Sliding counterweight for calibrating the gyro disc

Equipment and technical data

  • Disc diameter: 245 mm
  • Disc thickness: 25 mm
  • Disc weight: approx. 1317 g
  • Counterweight: approx. 925 g

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