Magnetic rollers apparatus

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Function and Applications

A multitude of physical phenomena can be represented:-

  • longitudinal waves,
  • elastic collisions,
  • reflections,
  • conservation of momentum,
  • propagation of a pressure perturbation in a gas,
  • barometric altitude formula, etc.

Equipment and technical data

  • The apparatus consists of an U-profile running track which has a demonstration subdivision on both sides.
  • A bolt at each end of the track stops the rollers from rolling out and acts as a recoiling support for the adjacentroller.
  •  Every magnetic roller contains a cylindrical magnet (d = 28 mm,l = 6 mm) magnetised along the axis.
  • Each face of a plastic magnet encasement is fitted with two rolling surfaces which can be set on the track.
  • The poles of the magnetic rollers are identified by colours.
  • Length of profile: 1 m.
  • Colour subdivision in 5 cm segments.
  • Diameter of Magnetic roller: 30 mm.


  • Standard accessories: 12 magnetic rollers (11065.01)

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