Magnetic Analyser Stern-Gerlach

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Vacuum chamber with central verticalrotation axis and specially designedpole pieces made out of soft Iron.The arrangement of pole piecesgenerates an electric fielddistribution like two parallelcurrent carrying wires with oppositecurrent direction.The pole pieces are glued with highvacuum seal paste into the vacuumchamber. This seal can be destroyedwith overpressure. Avoid overpressureinside the vacuum chamber.The pole pieces of the electro magnetare pressed from the outside to thepole pieces of the vacuum chamber.Due to a flexible metal bellow thedetector is adapted to the pole piecevacuum chamber and can be turned arounda central turning axis.Precise movement of the detector arm bymeans of a micrometer drive.The quality of the magnetic analyserdetermines the accuracy of the SternGerlach experiment. Thus the mechanicalparts are very precisely manufacturedand aligned.Pole piece length L: 70 mmPole piece spacing a: 2,5 mmDimensions H × W × D (mm):150 × 580 × 165Mass: 4700 g