Franck-Hertz control unit

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Function and Applications

Compact operating unit for Franck-Hertz experiment to be used with Hg- and Ne-tubes.

In 1913/14 James Franck and Gustav Hertz approved Bohr's model of atoms with this experiment (Nobel Prize: 1925).


  • Automatic detection of tube type and automatic limitation of tube parameter.
  • Examination by direct reading of displayed values, xyt-recorder, oscilloscope or PC.
  • From the recorded anode current as a function of acceleration voltage the exitation energy of the atoms can be determined.

Equipment and Technical Data

For control and measurement of all tube parameters:

  • Heating voltage (const.): 6.5 ± 0,5 V
  • Acceleration voltage: 0...99 V
  • Counter voltage: 0...12 V
  • Emission voltage: 0...6 V
  • Heater voltage: 0...10 V
  • Resolution (all voltages): 0.1 V
  • Heater current: 400 mA
  • Heater temperature: 0...999 °C
  • Anode current: 0...50 nA
  • Output 4 mm-sockets:
  • Acceleration voltage: 0...10 V (10 V ~ 100 V)
  • Voltage ß anode current: 0...10 V (10 V ~ 50 nA)
  • Data output: RS232 SubD-socket
  • Display: 20 mm 7-segment LED
  • 4 operation modes: manually, automatic ramp, saw tooth (oscilloscope) and PC-control
  • Power control for heater with safety socket (600 W) and type K socket for thermocouples
  • Socket for 5-pole connection cable for Hg/Ne-tube

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