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Geiger-Mueller Counter tube, 45 mm

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Function and Applications

The Geiger-Mueller Counter tube, 45 mm  is a self-extinguishing halogen counting tube for the detection of alpha, beta and gamma radiation. A long plateau (approx. 425 V…650 V) with only a slight slope renders the selection of the operating point uncritical. The actual counting tube, which is mounted in a metal cylinder with BNC socket, has a thinwalled metal sheath that is permeable to alpha radiation. 


  • Highly sensitive counting tube
  • Useful to investigate weakly radioactive sources
  • Even natural radioactive sources can be investigated

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Extinguishing material halogen
  • self-extinguishing halogen counting tube with BNC-plug
  • including grid to protect the counting tube
  • Sheath: 2 ... 3 mg/cm2
  • Operating voltage: 500 V
  • Length of plateau: 200 V
  • Slope of plateau: 0,04 %/V
  • Dead time approx.: ca. 100 µs
  • Background effect approx.: ca. 45 pulses/min
  • Diameter of housing: 60 mm (Ring for support rod: 75 mm)
  • Diameter of counting tube: 45 mm
  • Length: 80 mm
  • Mass: 320 g
  • Screened cable, BNC, l = 750 mm (included, art. no. 07542-11)
  • Support rod to fix the device is included (with thread, screwable)

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