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Function and Applications

The future of road traffic belongs to battery-powered electrical cars which are about to establish themselves against other trend-setting alternatives like fuel cell-powered cars. The E-mobility set teaches the physical and technical foundations and applications of different battery technologies used in cars. Eight different battery types like lithium-polymer battery, capacitor or fuel cell allow for the study of characteristics like lifespan and charging methods. Qualitative and quantitative experiments are used to explore the properties of various battery types. The electric car can be run with all storage types. With the integrated charging module batteries are always ready to use and battery charging methods can be addressed in experiments.


  • Extensive experimentation system for battery technology used in electrical cars
  • Investigate eight different storage types
  • Various experiments for e-mobility possible
  • Includes battery-charging module
  • No additional equipment needed

Equipment and Technical Data

 In the transport case (dimensions: 64 x 37 x 17 cm) all items to perform the following experiments are provided so that no additional accessories are needed:

  • Basics: Ohm's law, series and parallel connection of ohmic resistances, nominal voltage and capacity of voltage sources, four-terminal sensing, internal resistance of voltage sources, series connection of voltage sources
  • Capacitance of a battery module
  • Energy density of battery modules
  • Ri efficiency of a battery module
  • Total efficiency of a battery module
  • Temperature-dependent behavior of the lithium-polymer cell
  • Charging process of a capacitor
  • Discharge process of a capacitor
  • I-V characteristics of different battery types:  single NiMH battery, NiZn battery, LiFePo battery, lead battery, lithium-polymer battery,  triple NiMH battery module
  • Charging process of different battery types: NiMH battery, NiZn battery,  LiFePo battery, lead battery, lithium-polymer battery
  • Discharging process of a battery module
  • Hydrogen production in the reversible hydrogen fuel cell
  • Characteristic curve of the electrolyzer
  • Hydrogen consumption of a fuel cell
  • Characteristic curve and efficiency of the fuel cell
  • Operation of the electric car with several battery modules
  • Operation of the electric car with the reversible fuel cell


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(de) Versuchsanleitung für Lehrer (Auszug)
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(en) Experiment guide for students (excerpt)
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