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Stirling Engine Datalogging Module

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Function and Applications

Datalogging module for quantitative digital measurements of the Stirling engine (04372-00).


  • All relevant quantities are directly measured with a single device:
    • 2x temperature (T1, T2), pressure (p), rotational angle and speed, as well as the calculated volume.
  • Enhancing your classical qualitative Stirling engine experiment to allow quantitative measurements is easy.
  • Directly view the thermodynamic cycle on your PC.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • USB-C 3.0 for Data transfer.

  • T1: Type-K temperature sensor for the exact determination of the warm working temperature

    •  Measurement range: -10°C ... 400°C
    •  Resolution: 0.4°C
  • T2: Type-K Temperature sensor for the exact determination of the cold working temperature

    • Measurement range: -10°C ... 400°C
    • Resolution: 0.4°C
  • p: Pressure sensor to determine the compression inside of the motor.
    •  Measurement range: 0 ... 200 kPa
    •  Resolution: 0.1 kPa
  • Contact-free rotation sensor to determine the rotational speed and angle of the motor.
    • Measurement range: 0 ... 2000 rpm
    • Resolution: 0.1°
  • V: The volume is given by the construction ans is calculated.

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