Thermogenerator with 2 water baths

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Function and Applications

To commute thermal energy into electrical energy directly and for operation as heat pump. Also been used to demonstrate the Seebeck effect and the Peltier effect.

Equipment and technical data

  • Generator block consisting of two nickel coated copper plates with hole for thermometer, between these, p- and n-conducting silicon thermocouples, connected thermally parallel and electrically in series.
  • Two water containers with open sides, which are used as heat reservoirs, are screwed to the generator block. They can be exchanged for flow through heat exchanger or air cooler.
  • Standard accessories: 2 open water containers (brass, nickel coated); 2 rubber gaskets; 2 clamping jaws and 4 knurled screws.
  • Number of thermocouples: 142.
  • Permanent operating temperature: approx. 100 °C.
  • Interior resistance: 2.8 Ohm.
  • Operation as thermo generator: output voltage at T = 40 °C: approx. 2 V; efficiency at T = 40 °C: approx. 1%.
  • Operation as heat pump: max. permanent current 6 A.
  • Dimensions (mm): generator block: 24 × 80 × 126, water container 28 × 70 × 94.

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