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Function and Applications

The "measure Cobra4" measuring software leaves nothing to be desired.

As soon as a Cobra4 sensor is connected to a PC, irrespective of whether by Cobra4 Wireless or Cobra4 USB Link, the "measure Cobra4" software opens completely automatically and shows the connected sensors, the required measuring windows and the current measuring data.

Measurement recording is then started with a single CLICK.

This all takes under 40 seconds!


Embedded experiments with online documentation and measurement examples and automatic configuration


On the left hand side of the software EVERYTHING ALWAYS IN VIEW.

In theNAVIGATOR, you can:

  • 1. Automatically see all connected sensors
  • 2. See / change the condition of the sensors (activated, deactivated)
  • 3. Change all sensor parameters by double clicking
  • 4. Add calculated channels that allow e.g. the online conversion of measuring values (e.g. °C to K) or the calculation of measured values from different measuring channels (e.g. calculation, illustration of the resistance from current and voltage)
  • 5. Easily load measuring examples- experiments descriptions, parameter settings, displays and graphs come automatically
  • 6. Easily load configuration files. You will automatically have the optimum setting for your application


All measuring values are displayed immediately.

The following views can be selected individually by measuring channel:

  • 1. Digital measuring value window
  • 2. Analogue measuring value window
  • 3. Graphs
  • 4. Additional measuring graphs with a free choice of scale application
  • 5. AS WITH MICROSOFT® PRODUCTS: Open the correct application window by doubleclicking or using the right mouse button
  • 6. All modifications can also be made DURING THE MEASUREMENT.


  • Numerous experiments examples are easily loadable.
  • In addition to a comprehensive experiments description in pdf format with structure image, material list, experimental set-up and results, the parameters required for this experiment are loaded automatically.

These are the details:

  • 1. Sensor settings
  • 2. Illustrations - multi-graph / virtualdevice


  • all experiment descriptions, configuration files and sample measurements are included on the "measure Cobra4" CD-ROM for FREE.


  • For each sample experiment, all associated key words are displayed automatically.
  • A single click on a keyword will immediately display help with detailed explanations.
  • This makes it possible to carry out all experiments very easily, quickly and reliably.

System requirements:

PC with min. Pentium 3, 512 MB RAM, 1 GB free space on the hard disk, DVD drive, USB 2.0, Microsoft ® Windows 7 up to Windows 10.


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