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Mount for halogen lamp with reflector

Item No. 05781-00 | Type: Equipment & Accessories

Pupils , Teachers/Professors
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Function and Application

In combination with halogen lamp with reflector (05780.00) as a substitute for the sun to perform student experiments in the field of solar power / renewable energy.


Easy and safe experimentation due to mounting rod for supporting material and standard 4mm connector plugs and personnel protection insulation against burns to hands.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Operating voltage 12V
  • Max. power 20W
  • Mount type GU5,3
  • Cable length 30cm
  • 4mm connector plugs
  • Case LxD: 55mm x 65mm
  • Rod length: 65mm

Necessary Accessories

  • Halogen lamp with reflector, 12V / 20W (05780-00)
  • Power supply (e.g. 13506-93)



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