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Student set Optics / Atomic physics (special edition), TESS advanced Physics

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Function and Applications

Set to perform 16 student experiments in the field of optics and atomic/quantum physics, especially the wave particle duality of light and the interaction of light with matter: spectroscopy and electromagnetic emission spectras, diffraction and interference, emission, absorption and fluorescence, light-solid and light-liquid interaction, determination of plancks constant h-band structures/gaps, solar cells and fotodiodes, properties of LEDs-polarization.


  • Experimental solution to study the fundamentals of the wave-particle duality of light and interaction with matter and atomic physics in 16 described experiments
  • The equipment is storaged in a rugged, stackable and compact box
  • Easy teaching and efficient learning by using the interactive Software interTESS
  • The PC based experimentation with interTESS minimises the preparation time and facilitates efficient step by step setup, operation, analysis and evaluation, and focuses the students doing the experiment and understand the natural science background

Equipment and Technical Data

Selected parts:

  • optical bench and slide mounts-halogen light source
  • LED light sources (6 colours)
  • lenses and filters (colour, polarisation)
  • light-liquid interaction unit
  • diffraction objects
  • fotodiode with amplifier
  • solar cell
  • different fluorescent parts


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